Monday, August 10, 2020

Bus Ride Times - Seriously?

 OK, parents, pay attention.

From The State newspaper this morning (8/10/2020):

"Richland 2 spokeswoman Libby Roof said the district has conducted trial runs of its fall bus routes, and decided drivers would have to pick up students in segments, transporting one group to school and then picking up another."

“ 'Students may have last year boarded the bus at 7:30 a.m. and gotten home by 3:30 p.m.,' said Richland 2 spokeswoman Ishmael Abdus-Saboor. 'This year they may get on the same bus at 6:45 a.m. and get home at 4:30 p.m. or 5 p.m.' ”

Do you want your kid boarding a bus at 6:45AM and getting back home at 5:00PM?

If you think there is ANY possibility of that for your child, you'll better pick up the phone now and call Richland 2. Hope someone answers. Leave no stone unturned.

The superintendent is away until August 17, so forget contacting him. No reason is given in his out-of-office email auto-response. I'd say it's very poor timing for vacation or even a business trip. There is too much happening right now, as schools prepare to open.

Find out who is responsible for your child's bus transportation. Save that name, phone number and email address. And get the name of that person's supervisor and on up the food chain.