Saturday, June 17, 2023

Summit Parkway remembers Cyrus carried this piece on June 1st about Cyrus Carmack-Belton, a 14-year-old Summit Parkway Middle School student who was shot on May 28. The reporter "conveniently" omitted from the story that Cyrus was carrying a gun. This was apparently written by someone or some people at the School.

"Cyrus Carmack-Belton, a SIDI Magnet student, has been taken from us far too soon. A light in The Nest will be missed among the faculty and staff, as well as his peers. He was intelligent, humorous with quick wit and well-liked by his classmates. We could always depend on Cyrus to ask questions beyond the scope of the topic as he often would seek to understand, rather than accept and move on. He often had conversations with members of the faculty & staff about his dreams, goals and aspirations. He dreamed of owning a tattoo shop and being famous one day. We all poured into him daily and we were pleased to see the results of his hard work when he was promoted to high school. We remember his infectious smile and tenacity. We were blessed to have Cyrus a part of The Nest and pleased to see some of the seeds that were planted grow and blossom. He will be remembered forever in our hearts. Soar high young Eagle, soar high."

There is no doubt in my mind Cyrus was liked. But his possession of a gun - illegally - was a direct contribution to his death. How do we get students, teenagers, and others to realize that, when they engage in risky behavior, they may not get another chance?

The sheriff says that Cyrus "touched" a water bottle (or bottles) in the convenience store. "Touching" would be opening the cooler door, reaching in, and touching a bottle. Another story is that Cyrus removed four water bottles from a cooler and returned them, after he saw he was being watched. That's not "touching".

After a confrontation near the exit of the store, Cyrus left the store. Another story said he ran from the store.

The sheriff said a gun was found "near the body". Exactly where was the gun? "Near the body" implies some short distance from the body. Inches? feet? arms' length? 

Why hasn't the sheriff said what type of gun it was? Was it loaded? Exactly where it was found? Were Cyrus' DNA and fingerprints on it? Whose gun was it? How did Cyrus get it? Was it purchased by a family member or friend? Acquired by some other means?

Oh, I know. It's all part of an on-going investigation. Not really. 

Then read the story that is linked in that article. The headline is "Officials release more details on Cyrus Carmack-Belton case"

Only you won't read "more details" from "Officials". You'll read old news and a racially-inflammatory and untrue statement by the attorney for Cyrus' family. There is no statement from RCSD about racial-profiling or that Cyrus was "shot down in the street like a dog".

Credentials of Supt. finalists

Several readers have reacted to the academic credentials of the finalists for the position of superintendent of Richland 2. Comments have focused on Argosy University and Nova Southeastern University.

Finalist Nia Campbell holds two degrees from Argosy. Argosy shut down in 2019. See a Wikipedia article and this article from Inside Higher Ed.

Finalist Kim Moore has two degrees from Nova Southeastern University. One reader commented that that private school is quite popular with administrators at Richland 2 for advanced work. 

The bio of finalist Benjamin Henry does not mention the institution that awarded his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.

One or more of diversity, equity, inclusion, DEI are mentioned in the bios of each finalist.

How high on the criteria from Richland Two were those areas? How likely is the Board to hire a superintendent who believes in Fairness without running down the path of DEI?

Is the majority on the current board silently heading into Woke?

If so, they are NOT preparing today's students to succeed in life. Graduates must be able to read, write, add, understand, comprehend, do homework and learn from it, and they should be learning facts about the history of the U.S.A. without bias or indoctrination. They aren't going to get it from DEI.