Wednesday, June 29, 2022

"Sometimes ... split votes"

 During closing comments last night, James Manning said, "Sometimes our board has split votes on issues." at 3:22:00

Whom is he kidding?

Sometimes? If you went back over the past year and reviewed the votes, you will see an amazing number of 4-3 votes, with The Core Four voting as a bloc and The Minority Three (Agostini, Scott, McFadden) being out-voted.

It's not "sometimes". The Four have stuck together like Elmer's Glue. They will say they are voting independently but, when you look at the issues (as Manning calls them), there are many times when The Three chose the side of reason and student-centered interest, and The Four did not. 

At least, one of The Four should have sided with Reason. And did not.

Board Policy BD Violated last night

Why was Board Policy BD Organization of the Board violated last night?

Policy BD reads, in part, "Elected officers will take their positions immediately upon completion of the election."

What happened last night? After the elections were completed, Davis turned the meeting back over to Holmes for board and superintendent comments. See at 3:16:59

What should have happened? Holmes should have immediately turned the meeting over Manning, the incoming Chair.

Who should have known that Policy? The superintendent, who conducted the election. Teresa Holmes, the chair, who was just completing her term.  James Manning, who has been on the board since 2010, Amelia McKie, who is just completing her term as Secretary.

These are the people running a business with a $300,000,000+ annual budget. Would you want them running your company?