Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wimpy statement at RVHS

This statement was copied from today about the stabbing at Ridge View High School.

Principal Mack’s letter read, in part, “Remind them that Ridge View is full of caring adults ready to help them resolve disagreements. Bringing weapons onto school property is never the answer. However, if your child makes the choice to do so, they will be recommended for expulsion and charged. We must all work together to keep Ridge View High a safe place for all of our students, employees and visitors.”

That is why violence will continue at RVHS and why students and parents will continue to be fearful. That message smacks of consideration and "consequences" and mealy-mouthed kumbaya. Tell those miscreants to straighten up or get out before they are thrown out.

Similar "nice" words were uttered toward the end of last night's school board meeting.

I'll tell you what's needed. We need one of those Florida sheriffs up here who will lay out exactly what will happen, when weapons are found or used on campus.

Lay it out straight and hard. 

Unfortunately, there is no one on the board who can speak with such force. If you can't, get someone else to speak for you.

Marq Claxton, R2's Director of Safety & Security, is a retired NYPD detective. The District should turn him loose to lay down the law. However, if you listened to him trying to be politically-correct at last week's Safety Committee meeting, you'll chalk him off.

The District should take the handcuffs off of Claxton and turn him loose.

The article included this: "Gregory wants the district to move forward with a plan for the implementation of metal detectors."

Well, she is the Interim Superintendent. She's in charge of safety and security. Maybe instead of blowing $1,000,000 on that Alert system, the District should have acquired more metal detectors.

Whose idea was it, anyway, to spend (waste) that money on that Alert system? 

RVHS Stabbing

So what really went on at Ridge View High School yesterday (4/25/2023), when a 17-year-old student stabbed two students and took off.

Local media carried very general reports. identified the student as Tony Abrams and reported that he is being charged as an adult and with attempted murder.

WIS seemed to have the most-complete coverage. It has not published a photo of Abrams or updated its story since yesterday at 11:16AM. However, it must have updated its story (but not its time of publication), because it reveals that deputies took Abrams into custody about 12:30PM.

The altercation is reported to have taken place in a hallway in the school. Is there a hallway video that shows the stabbing? Were any administrators or hall monitors in the hallway at the time? Who and how many?

What is the proper role of an administrator, hall monitor, teacher or other staff member who witnesses such an event? The natural tendency would be to intervene. But what employee wants to subject himself to be injured (or worse)? 

We don't pay school employees to expose themselves to injury or death. Should they just call for help and stand back? Should they grab a wooden chair and bash the head of the student with the knife? Will they get sued for doing so?

Did they have their new Alert badges? Did anyone remember to press the button three times (not eight)?

Is the RVHS principal capable of carrying out a warning threat to violent students that they are going to see the door swing one way, one time?

Are we going to tolerate violent behavior and actions in our schools? I say, NO. 

Home-schooling Mother gets it right

Check out this 3-minute remark by home-schooling mother of five, Katie Gage. (I hope I understood her name correctly.

Mrs. Page addressed the Richland 2 school board last night and hit the nail on the head. I wonder what impression she made on the board members.

Her remarks were directed at the celebration of LGBT in Richland 2 schools this week.

Go to and fast-forward to 38:13.

I agree whole-heartedly with her that this nonsense does not belong in public schools.

Thank you, Mrs. Gage!

Board Meetings: SEVEN hours 25 minutes

END 10:25PM


The Richland 2 school board met in Executive Session for the first 2½ hours.

Then the Regular Session began at about 5:30PM and quickly entered Executive Session 1. That one recessed at 6:30PM, and the Regular Meeting re-convened at 6:40PM.

Executive Session 2 began late in the evening and ended at 10:08PM.

When the Chair called for a Motion on the Parent Grievance that had been heard during Executive Session 2, NO ONE spoke up. SIX trustees remained silent.  Finally the Chair made the motion, and the vote was 7-0.

What was up with that? Were the other six trustees exhausted and unable to think or speak? 

The meeting adjourned at 10:25PM.

Total time for last night's meeting? From 3:00-10:25PM = SEVEN (7) hours 25 minutes.