Tuesday, May 9, 2023


Whatever happened after the board's discussion of getting a Parliamentarian?

Nothing happened.

When the Chair calls for a Motion, why do all the board members sit there as if they have been struck dumb?

Why does the Chair then have to make the Motion?

And why isn't there a quick Second?

Does the Board have any idea how hard it is making it to attract a new superintendent? He (or she) will be watching board meetings and just shaking his head. Who will want to walk into such a snake pit?

Was there a problem tonight with the Agenda for the executive session? Item 4.6 was "A Contractual Matter Regarding the Leasing and Purchasing of Properties."

When it was time to vote during the public session, the Motion was explained as Due Diligence, not a contract. 

Trustee Scott said she was not going to support the Motion (and she didn't). I didn't understand her comment about not wanting to saddle a new superintendent with something decided on by the board before he was hired. She was apparently thinking of the actions of the previous board majority to hamstring the new board with travel and training restrictions.

A board decision on property leasing or purchase is different. The superintendent is to carry out the decisions of the board. He'll do what he is told.

Inspirational Moments

 Could we just have an inspirational moment?

Is it really necessary to give an extended introduction?

Are we hearing a commercial tonight by the man who is speaking?

How about something inspirational?

Consultants' meeting with board 5/8/23

This morning I continued watching last night's board meeting with the consultants from McPherson & Jacobson.

This is too slow and painful. It was a typical round-robin approach. Board members were asked to write down what qualities and characteristics each board member wanted. That could have been done before the meeting.

Then each board member recited one from his list. Each consultant wrote down long-winded answers on poster board. I was surprised that not one board member spoke up and said, "Let's move this along faster. We'll be here all night."

"Someone who is competent" was one of the responses. Seriously? 

At 58:10 on the Livestream recording I gave up. Two hours to go.

How can I get the Cliff Notes' version of the next two hours of the meeting, without having to endure the pain of slogging through it?

Why didn't M&J show up with a list of qualities and characteristics to suggest to the board? They should have done their homework on this school board, and they should have learned of the level of (in)experience in making executive decisions.