Friday, April 7, 2023

Richland 2 bus drivers. Encounter this?

Do Richland 2 bus drivers encounter unruly students?

How do they handle them?

Read this FoxNews article about Cleveland-area bus driver Jackie Miller.

How long would I last, if I were a bus driver? I'd set the rules the first day. After the kids were on the bus, I'd make an announcement, sort of like the one I heard on a plane one day.

The flight attendant announced, "Listen up. This is a small plane. If we go down, you are going to need to know what I am about to say." Everyone listened!

I'd announce that students are expected to remain in their seats and quiet. Use the time to study or nap. If there is any disruption, I intended to stop the bus. If it happened a second time, I would stop the bus and call the cops.

Drivers, what kind of problems, if any, do you experience?

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