Thursday, January 21, 2021

President's 1776 Commission

Do you know what The 1776 Report of The President's Advisory 1776 Commission is? It was published this month (January 2021) just before the end of President Trump's term. 

President Joe Biden trashed the Report and rescinded the Commission on his first day in office on January 20, 2021. I think we can all be sure that he did not read it. His Executive Order was on his desk and waiting for his signature on his first day at the desk. 

Does anyone else think his action is hasty, since he obviously didn't read it first. Who has his ear?

The 1776 Report can be read here.

Why would Biden do that? A clue can be found in the second paragraph of the Introduction.

"The declared purpose of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission is to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.” This requires a restoration of American education, which can only be grounded on a history of those principles that is “accurate, honest, unifying, inspiring, and ennobling.”

The Democrats and progressive education are re-writing history, as evidenced by absurd publications like The 1619 Project. 

Yes, watch ... carefully

The Richland 2 School District announces on its website that its superintendent is on a watch list of "progressive" superintendents in the country. The list is included in K-12 Dive, described as a "publication covering educational news".

Look at and decide for yourself what type of publication you believe it is. Is it middle-of-the-road, fairly balanced? Or is it tilted in favor of one category of demographics?

What does "progressive" mean to you? When you hear that word, do you think "modern?" "up-to-date"?

Or do you think liberal or far-left thinking "progressive"?

Isn't that where Supt. Davis is?

He is vigorously promoting diversity and inclusion. Gloria Boutte's Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is here. Davis' pet project "100 Premier Men of Color" gets a lot of time and attention, but it is not even a Board-approved project, since he told the board that he is not accountable for it on his performance evaluation. Why is it even getting a mention?

The majority of the board and many teachers have to ecstatic with Joe Biden's ascension to the office of POTUS. The Federal government will be leaning further to The Left now. Note: "The Left" is to the left of liberal, as Dennis Prager explains in Still the Best Hope - Why the World Needs America Values to Triumph. Published in 2012, it is even more relevant today.

Will Conservative views and values be taught in Richland 2 schools? 

Are teachers required to educate and teach students to consider a wide range of options and opinions, in order to choose intelligently the one right for them? 

For me, this "watch list" means watch carefully. Examine what is happening in this school district. If you don't like what is happening, get involved. Attend board meetings in person. Sure, it's inconvenient. You'll have to sit at the far end of the peanut gallery, where board members won't see the whites of your eyes. But be there. And insist that more than 30 be allowed to attend.