Saturday, October 14, 2023

Report Cards for Schools - Find the Paddle

Grades are out. Isn't it the day everyone waits for? "How'd I do, Mom?"

If the schools' grades had been student report cards' going home, the kids would have dropped them by the back door and lit out for the woods!

According to The State newspaper on October 12, "Every high school, elementary and middle school in the state received ratings on a 100-point scale."

Then you read that local schools in the Excellent category (13) had points ranging from 74-61, with Richland One Middle College being the outlier with 95 points.

Local "Good" schools (13) ranged from 66-51.

Local "Average" schools (39) ranged from 58-38.

Local "Below Average" schools (10) ranged from 49-31.

Local "Unsatisfactory" schools (6) ranged from 39-23.

Question: If schools are ranked by Points, how did some schools with more points end up in a lower category? Maybe somebody in the SCDE failed math? or Reading? or Sorting?

If The State had created a spreadsheet and listed schools by points, its article would have fallen apart. Why didn't The State article list the schools in descending order of points?

Were some schools graded on the curve?