Thursday, November 10, 2022

Holmes' Car Rental, April 2022 - - $807.30

When Teresa Holmes went to the April 2022 National School Boards Association conference in San Diego, she rented a car at District expense. She rented a white Dodge Grand Caravan.

The hotel was 4.0 miles from the airport.
The conference center was 0.2 miles from the hotel.

Why would she rent a car, when she could have taken a shuttle or a taxi (or Uber or Lyft)?

The first day of rental was Friday, April 1.
The conference was April 2-4 (Saturday-Monday).
The car was due to be returned April 5.

Was the car rental really for personal use?

The basic 5-day rental was $227.00.
The "other" charges were $360.30. *
Total - $587.30

In addition, the District paid $220 for the car to be parked at the hotel. The cost was $55.00 for overnight valet parking each night.

At a recent school board meeting she made a big deal out of telling other board members and the public that she had gotten pre-approval to rent a car so that she could provide transportation to other other members. 

But did she? At least two of the other four board members, and possibly a third, did not know she had even rented a car.

The return mileage was not shown on her receipt. How many miles did she drive after meeting hours? Wasn't that personal use?

Was it reasonable and necessary for her to rent a car? Did the car remain parked most of the time? If she used it at night or on Friday or Tuesday for other than from or to the airport, that was personal use.

* The "other" charges were
$120.00 Upgrade
$  99.96 Collision Damage Waiver
$  50.10 Airport Concession Fee
$  15.64 CA Tourism Fee
$  36.00 Airport CFC
$    3.96 Vehicle License Fee
$  34.64 Sales Tax

Did the District ask Teresa to pay for the Upgrade?
Does the District have a blanket damage waiver for rental cars that could have been used to skip that $99.96?

The entire $807.30 ($587.30 + $220.00) was a waste of District money.

But she ought to end up paying for all of it, because she was $2,529.27 over her $7,000 travel/training allowance, and the District should collect ALL of that from her.