Friday, April 17, 2020

District to "Zoom" the April 21st Special Meeting

The following press release was sent out by Richland 2 School District. The time of the meeting is 5:30PM EDT. No information was provided about the Zoom meeting number or any passcode needed, should the Livestream link fail.

No telephone number was provided in the District's announcement for those who cannot or do not wish to connect via computer.

Submit your questions/concerns/issues by email no later than Tuesday, April 21, 12:00PM EDT.

The "official notice" mentioned in the press release doesn't state any information not included in the press release.

"The Richland School District Two Board of Trustees will hold a special called board meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Due to the restrictions on public gatherings, the meeting will be held using the “Zoom” online meeting platform. The public will be able to view the meeting at

"During the special called meeting, the board will consider for action a Continuing Resolution for the FY 2020-2021 General Fund Operating Budget. Click here to view the agenda for the meeting, which includes a copy of the continuing resolution.

"Residents of Richland School District Two interested in providing comments on the continuing resolution are encouraged to email their input to Emails need to be received by noon on April 21.

"The official notice is attached. Thank you for helping us notify the public about the meeting."

Chief Communications Officer

April 21st Special Board Meeting - WHY?

The agenda for the April 21st Special-Called Board Meeting has been published. This meeting is totally unnecessary. 

Robert's Rules of Order contains useful information to explain when a Special meeting should be called. Generally, it is when something of great importance and urgency cannot wait until the next Regular meeting. 

Board members should demand of the Board Chair and Superintendent to know exactly what the urgency of this meeting is.

The next Regular Meeting of the board is scheduled for April 28, 2020.

What is so urgent that a Special Meeting is being called?

The only item on the agenda for the 5:30PM Special Meeting is a Continuing Resolution pertaining to the District's operating budget that must be approved by June 30, 2020.

Can you see anything so urgent that this could not wait one week for the Board's attention?

In case you are wondering about this urgent matter, below is the proposed Resolution:

1.                  Board Policy DB provides that, "In case the budget does not receive approval by June 30, the board will adopt a continuing resolution based on last year's operating budget until the budget can be approved."
2.                  The State of South Carolina has initiated a continuing resolution in the event that the state has not completed an adopted budget by June 30, 2020.
3.                  In the event the state's budget is not approved by the beginning of the new fiscal year (July 1, 2020), there will be disruption and uncertainty concerning the effect of the FY 2020-21 budget.
Now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED:
1.                  In the event the State of South Carolina does not vote to give final approval of the State Budget and respective education funding lines from the state budget and respective new guidelines of those funds by the end of the day on June 30, 2020, the Board directs that the FY 2019-20 Board budget, in current form, shall continue to govern and shall provide the legal authority for the receipt and expenditure of funds for the operations of the District, until the Board finds that the Board's FY 2020-21 budget shall go into effect.
2.                  If the State of South Carolina completes final approval to the State budget on or before June 30, 2020, then this resolution shall be moot and of no effect.
3.                  Nothing in this resolution constitutes a waiver of any of the Board's legal status relating to the budget, management and control of the Richland Two School District.

It is so resolved this 21st day of April 2020."