Friday, June 9, 2023

Scholarships truth?

Did you read the banner on the District's homepage?


Did they "earn" them or were they offered them?

I suspect that number of $168¾  million is the total that was offered. What is the purpose of that number?

This number works out to an average of $84,505 per graduate.

How about reporting the amount of scholarship money that was accepted by the 1997 graduates?

Schools like to publish numbers like these, even if they don't make any sense.

Remember the news about the high school graduate who received total scholarship offers of more than $9,000,000? Dennis Barnes of Louisiana, whose GPA was 4.98, was offered aid from 125 colleges and universities. There is a young man who is serious about education.

But why would someone even apply to 125 colleges and universities?

Stakeholder Report - where to find it now

The District has moved the Stakeholder Input Report off its homepage, and one parent has told me that it is now very hard to find. (To search on the District's website, first click on EXPLORE (top right); then enter a keyword in the Search field.)

For your convenience the Stakeholder Input Report, prepared by the superintendent-search firm of McPherson & Jacobson, can be found by clicking here. (For those who don't like to click on blind links, you'll find the survey at

This report contains what McPherson & Jacobson heard in May from six groups: Business & Community Leaders; Classified Staff; Community Meetings; Parents; Students; and Teachers.

Read for the good, the bad, and the ugly.