Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Voice reports on McKie Ethics Comm. Hearing

Be sure to read the article on the online edition of The Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County about Amelia McKie's October 20th hearing at the S.C. Ethics Commission. You'll find it here.

I've held off on details of McKie's testimony, because I could not hear her soft voice well in the hearing room, and the recording from the Ethics Commission was of poor quality.

Needless to say, I was shocked to read of her accusations as described in the article in The Voice.

I'll be finding out on Monday if the hearing was transcribed. If so, I'll go to the Ethics Commission and read it. 

According to the article in The Voice, McKie told the hearing commissioners that she attended a conference of the South Carolina School Boards Assn. at which she learned that the $9,600 annual stipend from Richland 2 was not " reportable income". She allowed as how she might have misunderstood. I laughed at that, because she had reported it in previous years' filings of her Statement of Economic Interests Reports. And it's my belief that Richland 2 issues a W-2 to trustees (and to trustees-elect, such as McKie). Of course, it's "income"!

Of most concern to me are her accusations that I've been harassing her. Now that is serious.

More on that after I read the transcript.