Monday, March 28, 2022

Shocking! Should be. Is it?

Read today's FoxNews article about the Eau Claire, Wisconsin school district and its war on parents. The title of the article is "This school district might be the worst violator of parental rights."

Compare the article closely with what you are learning about the Richland 2 school district.

Do some of these words ring the wrong bell with you?

"Woke bureaucrats" (recall Teresa Holmes' urging about "woke")

"white privilege tests"

"heterosexual privilege checklists"

"hide gender transitions from their parents"

"progressive playbook for hijacking education"

Teacher training that " '...parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned.' Stunningly, both the superintendent and the school board president fully defended the training."

Read the entire article. Remember to speak out here. Attend school board meetings in-person. Send emails. Make phone calls. Write Letters to the Editor. Remember the majority of the Richland 2 board that they are not bureaucrats or autocrats; they are elected.

Don't expect board members to consider your opinions, if all you do is post on social media and watch board meetings on your computer. That is NOT good enough.

You know that the Richland 2 board chair is one of the loudest cheerleaders of the superintendent. Is she really your elected representative? 

Remember, Teresa Holmes could have called a special board meeting to investigate the bruhaha that occurred on January 25th in the board room. She could have had Mrs. Baron (Pamela) Davis investigated for disrupting schools and conduct unbecoming a teacher, when Pamela Davis cursed out a 14-year-old student.

Teresa Holmes did not. Some leader, eh?