Saturday, November 16, 2019

SRO Statistics for Richland 2

Are you interested in the School Resource Officer statistics for Richland 2 schools?

Today I was searching for more news about the threatened shooting at Ridge View High School that hit the local news on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. If you can find it, good luck. There seems to be nothing further in the new about that.

But what I did find was the Richland County Sheriff's Department's "2017-2018 SRO Program Arrest Report". The numbers at the end of the URL (080519) may indicate the date - August 5, 2019" - when the report was filed online by the Sheriff's Department.

This report includes information for all Richland County Schools, not just Richland 2.

As you read the report, keep in Andrew Pollock's book, Why Meadow Died.

The Youth Arbitration Program appears to be RCSD's answer to questions about the school-to-prison pipeline" that some people are all worried about.

I have a simple solution to doing away with such a pipeline. Teach kids not to do the crime. Then they won't have to be worried about doing the time.

Read about a deputy's "discretion" to "exercise every available diversionary option".

In the 2017-2018 school year RCSD deputies arrested 132 Richland 2 students.

One hundred thirty-two. 132. Only 132. How much did the State of South Carolina and Richland 2 spend per arrest? I don't have that answer, but RCSD and Richland 2 do.

At a recent school board meeting the Richland 2 put out cost figures per SRO. $130,000 per deputy PLUS about $55,000 in operating costs per deputy.

I'll venture a guess that not two dozen people in Richland 2 know about this report.

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