Thursday, May 30, 2024

17-year-old arrested with stolen, automatic pistol

 Watch this interview with Sheriff Lott, when he talks about the shooting earlier this week at the pool at the Villages of Lakeshore. Two arrests have already been made.

Sheriff Lott stresses the importance of the partnership between the community, parents, schools, churches, etc. In the first video shown in the press conference, you can hear automatic fire; yes, true automatic fire. 

The sheriff showed a "Glock switch", an illegally-manufactured replacement part for a Glock pistol that allows the pistol to be fired on "automatic"; i.e., one trigger pull fires many bullets until the trigger is released or the magazine is empty.

Treshawn Keller, 17, has already been arrested and is being charged as an Adult. Deputies caught him after he ran from the area. They caught him with a stolen pistol.

Where is (was) he a student? Richland 2? Which school?

More arrests are expected.

Why did the Villages of Lakeshore allow large numbers of non-residents to gather at its pool?

We here at The Summit must be on the alert for gatherings of kids. If you spot a large group circling the pool or other amenities, notify the office AND call RCSD.

Lott advises parents to search the car, bedroom, backpack of their kids. Find the guns. 

Compare this presser with Sheriff Lott and the recent production of The Moore You Know, with Supt. Kim Moore and Marti Brown, a staff member at Westwood High School who is part of Be Smart. Which one do you think will be more effective at slowing or stopping gun violence?

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