Wednesday, November 1, 2023

7-year-old Identifies as a Cat???

This morning I chatted with a neighbor, who asked me about the Richland 2 school board. She told me she was not impressed.

I'm often asked if I think "this" school board is better than the last. My answer is, "Different; not better." 

Why is that? Too few trustees on the school board who think like the executives they are supposed to be.

Then this neighbor mentioned a nearby school district where a 7-year-old student identifies as a cat. And then she told me that there is a litter box in the classroom!

Was she pulling my leg? I didn't think so!

Is there any chance that such a dumb stunt could be happening right here in Richland 2?

Is this where diversity, equity and inclusion are dragging this country?

What teacher would allow that? What Principal? What Administrator? What Superintendent? What school board?

Is this happening in Richland 2?

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