Wednesday, June 2, 2021

CRT? Seriously?

So you think you know all about Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Check out this video by a black man and his daughter!

Video of the Year?  First Prize!!!

Many states are acting now to ban CRT.

Start asking questions now about which Richland 2 school board members support CRT. And which administrators support CRT.

When you have answers, post them in the Comments below.

And here's another blast at CRT. 

A Colorado mom and radio show host takes off on CRT and tells a school board that "...the training (is) a “nightmare” that needs to “end now.” She's talking about the "training" (read: indoctrination) being foisted on the district by a "diversity consulting firm".

Richland 2 has used a training by USC profession Gloria Boutte. You should learn more about that. It promotes use of "cohorts" (a $100 word for something else). Perhaps a Richland 2 teacher could enlighten me on exactly what a "cohort" is or does. 

Email me at  I guarantee confidentiality. Your name and connection to Richland 2 will NOT be mentioned. Ever.

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