Friday, March 15, 2019

Electronic Voting - what's wrong?

Are electronics supposed to simplify life and meetings?

If you have attended Richland 2 Board meetings in-person or viewed them on YouTube, you have seen the pauses and delays, when the Board votes on adoption of agendas, student matters, or adoption of policies.

The Chair calls for the question (Let's vote!) and then it's time for a nap. Somebody has to type up the question, and then the Board members must touch a button on their tablet screens.

Instead of a quick show of hands, there is a long silence. And then it's even longer, when the question is worded incorrectly. Or the wrong Board-member name is entered for the person making or seconding the motion. Or the vote is incorrect and must be corrected.

This needs to be fixed between meetings, so that the flow is smooth and fast.

Aren't electronics supposed to save time, not waste it?

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