Tuesday, April 23, 2019

May 1 sick-out?

How will Richland 2 deal with teachers who knock off for the day, so that they can parade about the Capitol grounds demanding higher pay?

SC4Ed is organizing a rally for Wednesday, May 1.

I say, if a teacher is scheduled to work that day (and who isn't?), then he or she had better be in the classroom - all day. If they want to protest or march, they can do it on their own time.

And to hear them tell it, they don't have any of their "own time".

Will Supt. Davis put out a Memo - "Be at work or else!"?

The little kiddies need to be educated; right? Buses will run; cafeterias will pump out the meals. The students will be there.

Will all the teachers be at work?

They can write letters, email their state reps and make phone calls (after work, of course). The State email system works 24/7. Use it.

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