Wednesday, April 28, 2021

1984 is here (it's back)

Is double-speak okay? Sugar-coating? Using feel-good terms, so you don't offend someone?

Whatever happened to telling the truth?

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott may be about to find out.

Last week Pres. Biden's honchos laid out a new policy, giving them some P.C. language to use and some words to stop using.

"The Biden administration sent memos to immigration officials last week regarding their new far-left immigration policies, which included telling officials to no longer use terms like “illegal alien.”

"The memo orders immigration officials to make changes in rhetoric such as substituting “noncitizen or migrant” for “alien,” “undocumented” for “illegal,” and “integration” for “assimilation.' " (Source:, April 28, 2021)

How does Chief Scott feel about that memo? His response was that "he can’t comply with the Biden administration’s softening of legal terms to refer to illegal aliens."

Chief Scott is exactly right. People who cross the border illegally are "illegal aliens"; not some other "soft", inoffensive term! I suspect Chief Scott will retire soon. Or be retired.

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