Thursday, June 24, 2021

"Dog-whistle Politics"?

Be sure to read this article about the Loudoun County, Va. school board and its "esteemed" leader, who appears not to give two hoots for the public.

That board is getting a lot of heat from parents over Critical Race Theory (CRT). The mindset of the board seems to be "We know what's best for your kids' education, and you don't."

Meetings are chaotic, as 259 signed up for the public-speaking period.

Just imagine if 259 parents showed up at a Richland 2 school board meeting. Imagine if just 159 showed up. Or even just 59. Where are you folks?

First of all, the scared-to-death Richland 2 board still insists on 30-max at a board meeting, social distancing, pre-arranged seating and only 30 minutes for public comment. Then they ramble on for over two more hours to act like they are taking care of business.

Learn about CRT and show up. This indoctrination of young minds must be stopped.

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