Friday, August 20, 2021

Naming Suggestion for new football stadium

What should the new football stadium at Ridge View High School be called?

I almost hate to make a suggestion, because it is certain that the board will not accept it. But I'll make it, anyway. How about

                                RIDGE VIEW HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STADIUM

Can I get four votes from the board for that?

No need to devote staff time to developing an amendment to Board Policy FF.

No committee needed to choose one name to present to the board for an up-or-down vote.

No need for lobbying of board members.

No need to argument about which person to name the stadium after.

The request by Trustee Scott to amend Board Policy FF shouldn't be a secret. It wasn't discussed in executive session.

Why didn't any board member ask questions, before tasking the staff with coming up with an amendment? Since when does staff not need direction from the board to do something? Staff needs direction from the board (the majority of the board), not one board member.

Holmes is trying to act as board chair. Why didn't she ask for information before a vote was taken to add that item to the draft agenda for August 24th Regular Meeting? 

Which past meeting was it, when she stated her desire to become board chair? Since there was no question that "The Squad" would elect her, it's too bad she didn't think more about taking the oath of office legally and becoming a legitimate board member, so that she could be a legitimate board chair. It's also too bad that she didn't spend time learning how to conduct the officer position of board chair.

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