Saturday, August 14, 2021

Richland 2 - proud of McKie?

Richland 2 trustee-elect Amelia McKie made the news today.

In a Post and Courier article published late this afternoon, McKie is mentioned for - wait for it - her $57,000 debt to the South Carolina Ethics Commission.

Great way to get news; right? Richland 2 School District should be so proud. Her friends on the board should be proud, too. Even her fellow trustee-elect, Teresa Holmes, should be proud of McKie.

Why aren't some of McKie's proud friends harping on her to PAY HER DEBT?

Ask them. Ask Holmes, Caution-Parker, McFadden, Manning and Scott (Elkins)

Reporter Avery Wilks spread the fame around quite a bit. He didn't just pick on McKie.

EDIT: This is the lead story on Sunday, August 15.

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