Thursday, September 30, 2021

Richland 2 loses in S.C. Supreme Court

It's no surprise to me that the S.C. Supreme Court ruled against Richland 2 in the Proviso 1.108 case.

The school district could have saved time, money and embarrassment and just asked me. I would have told them.  heh-heh.

There was no reason for the S.C. Supreme Court to comment on the use of other funds to pester the kids and staff with a mask mandate. The case was only about Proviso 1.108.

If you read Proviso 1.108 for yourself, you'll see that it does NOT forbid masks or prohibit any government body, including school district, from mandating masks. What it does do is prohibit the use of State funds under the current Appropriations Act from being used to announce or enforce a mask mandate.

So just dip into a different pocket for the change.

You'd think that all the smart people around, with their law degrees and Ph.D's, would be able to figure that out.

It's too bad that Richland 2 didn't get good legal advice, on which it could have relied in a decision NOT to file the lawsuit. WHO did advise the Richland 2 board in that executive session, after which the board voted in public to GET legal advice? How convenient it was for the board not to admit that they had just gotten legal advice in that executive session.

So Proviso 1.108 stands. If Richland 2 used this year's State funds to announce or enforce its mask mandate, it'll be in big trouble and the Toothless Lion will attack and gum the District to death. You know how much that will hurt.

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