Saturday, October 30, 2021

"A Product of Spring Valley H.S."

At the October 26, 2021 Richland 2 school board meeting, Teresa Holmes said (3:31:44), "I am a product of Spring Valley High School"

She seems to be proud of being a graduate of Spring Valley High School.

Is the Spring Valley High School proud of her?

Read this comment Holmes submitted to The Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County, after the paper published a long story about the disastrous school meeting on September 14, which disintegrated under Holmes' leadership. That was the meeting when three responsible trustees walked out, because they refused to vote on the superintendent's proposed contract amendment without having had sufficient time to consider it. 

DrTeresa Holmes says
This article is yet again another example Yellow Journalism. I urge the community to watch the board meeting for the real events of the meeting. The rag of a paper might as well be the Gus Philpot show along with who him and his band of racist choose to endorse or follow. The community is well aware of how this paper hacks up a story to suit their hate. The real story is how parents and the community were cheated out of information they needed by reckless behavior and dereliction of duty. I know this paper and the crew working for this rag will continue slant and half report stories to deface those of us like myself who have called them out as the racist they are and I have a filed legal complaint against their silent stooge Gus z Philpot .Truth in journalism does not exist for minority leaders in the let’s get them grudge fill piece of trash. Again to see what really happened log into R2 Livestream."

So Holmes is a "product of Spring Valley High School".

Now, read her comment to the newspaper slowly and carefully. For all the grammatical mistakes to be clear, read it slowly aloud. Is it a well-written comment by a person with a doctorate, even if it is from a 100% online school (business) in California? 

Or is it an embarrassment to the education received at Spring Valley High School? Presumably, high school, middle school and elementary school are where a student learns good grammar and the ability to write well. Those skills should be in place before getting a high school diploma!

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