Saturday, October 23, 2021

New Rules - - Arrive Early

New rules - only 20 members of the public will be admitted to Tuesday's board meeting on October 26.

To be sure I'd get in the door in time, I arrived Saturday night about 9:15PM. I'm a little concerned about bathroom and showering facilities, but everything always works out okay. With 20 members of the public allowing in that Large meeting room, any extra odors in the room from 3½-day camp-out won't be noticeable.

I debated whether to pitch my sleeping bag by the door, but I remembered the threats in the District's announcement about loitering and lingering and blocking the main entrance. Gee, I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of exercising my First Amendment rights. 

OK, have to get some sleep now. I hope they don't have any roving patrols. Good night, all.

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