Sunday, October 24, 2021

NSBA apologizes ...

Well, imagine that!

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has apologized for its letter to the Biden Administration! You know the one - the one that made it to Merrick Garland at the DOJ in only five days and resulting in Garland's unleashing many law enforcement agency to look into all those parents who are domestic terrorists.

In its October 22nd Memo to members of NSBA, it said, in part, "... there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter."

NSBA's Memorandum was put out by its Board of Directors. No one's name was on it, not even the Chairman of the Board or the President of NSBA. Did the Board know about the letter before it was sent, or was the letter put together by someone on his last day and fired off? When such a colosssl error is made, someone's head ought to roll.

This prompts me to think that a real apology should be issued by the Richland 2 Board of Trustees for the huge error made by the superintendent in formulating and releasing the new "safety procedures" for board meeting, which are not safety procedures at all! But an apology won't be enough. And the current board, ruled by The Squad, doesn't have it in them to apologize for anything.

Should the superintendent be fired "for cause"? Without severance pay? Did he just step in a huge, hot,  steaming pile of (what is it that Steve (of Steve-FM) calls it)?

Will a peaceful "January 6th" event happen this Tuesday night?

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