Monday, October 11, 2021

R2 Discriminates...

Do you know that Richland 2 has a vaccine financial incentive payable after November 1. Are you fully-vaccinated? Is Richland 2 discriminating between classes of employees, based on vaccination status? 

Will the next financial incentive be for those who support CRT? For those who go to church? on Sunday? on Saturday?

How does this strike you? Is it a proper use for public funds, such as the money of a school district? of taxpayer dollars?

All details haven't been uncovered yet. It will probably take a FOIA Request (or a Richland 2 employee will to leak the information).

Did the School Board approve that incentive? Whose brainchild was it?

If you leak it to me, you'll be safe. There will be NO disclosure of the name of anyone providing me with information. The previous sheriff of McHenry County, Ill. tried to extract names of deputies who were feeding the "dirt" about the sheriff's department to me. It didn't work.

Before you send anything to me, call me. I'll explain how to get information to me so that it cannot be traced to you.

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