Saturday, October 16, 2021

Should Teresa Holmes Resign? Read this...

Media are reporting the resignation of Beth Barts from the Loudon County (Va.) Public School Board.

Read this article from ABC-7 (Washington, D.C.)

A parent advocacy group had this to say about Barts:

"[Barts] has shown a complete inability to comply with the law, her own code of conduct, and the basic decency that accompanies being an elected official in the United States of America," Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior said in an August statement."

And read this post on Facebook to the page of North Carolina School Choice:

"'At the direction of the Orange County Public Schools (Hillsborough, N.C.) board of education chair, parents and members of the public were ejected from the Oct. 11 board meeting by Orange County sheriffs’ deputies.

"The reason? Apparently speaking about concerns and topics that were not on the meeting agenda.
"Attendees were also subjected to metal detectors and told they could not congregate on the premises of A.L. Stanback Middle School where the meeting was being held.
"Several times during the meeting, (Board Chair Hillary) Mackenzie was heard to say, 'you cannot talk on that topic,' before motioning for deputies to remove the person. Loud booing throughout the auditorium followed."

Are school board members being led by state school boards associations to believe they can act like that? Then state school boards whine to the National School Boards Assn., which whines to the White House, which whines to Merrick Garland, who then issued a really dumb Memo about protesting parents being domestic terrorists.

As I told the Richland 2 school board members and the public last Tuesday, "I am not a domestic terrorist. I am not any kind of terrorist."

Richland 2 didn't have these kinds of problems just a short few years ago. The first school board meeting I attended was two weeks after the February 14, 2018 shooting in Parkland, Fla. 

It was a pleasure to go to those meetings. The meetings today? Not so much. But still, very important.

It was great to see the conference room full last Tuesday. Standing Room Only. Another man and I offered our seats to two standing standing along the back wall, but they declined our offers.

The next school board meeting here is Tuesday, October 26.

So, should Teresa Holmes follow Beth Barts out the door? She'd be happier. We'd be happier. Win/win!

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