Friday, October 22, 2021

The State calls them "screaming matches"

Read this great article in today's The State newspaper about the "screaming matches" at the Richland 2 board meetings. This is one of the best articles about what's going on.

The reporter got quotes from several board members.

Daprile wrote: "The lack of civility is getting so bad it obstructs official business."

I do challenge Daprile's reference to the "group of three board members playing dirty to tip the scales in their favor." He is referring to the walk-out by Trustees Agostini, Scott and McFadden. They were not "playing dirty". Their walk-out was the only way open to stop "The Four" from over-powering them to a vote on the superintendent's contract that night.

As you may already know, Trustee Agostini made a secondary motion to the motion for approving the agenda for that night. Agostini's secondary motion was to move the agenda item related to the superintendent's contract to the next Regular Meeting. Holmes got lost and didn't understand that the secondary motion was exactly germane to the primary motion. Holmes ruled it wasn't, after getting poor advice from the District's employee General Counsel. 

Holmes' question to the employee attorney was whether the secondary motion was germane. The attorney's voice could not be heard, but then Holmes said, apparently repeating what she had heard, "So it could go either way?" A correct answer would have been that it was germane or it was not. After more discussion, Holmes decided it was going to go her way, and she ruled that Agostini's secondary motion was not germane.

Trustees Agostini, Scott and McFadden had not received full information about the superintendent's proposed revised contract (amendment), and they wanted adequate time to consider the proposed amendment. "The Four" wanted to approve it that night. Agostine, Scott and McFadden walked out. There was no longer a quorum, and business (but not the meeting) stopped.

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