Friday, October 1, 2021

Was Holmes' previous bio honest and accurate?

Before Teresa Holmes' trustee bio on the Richland Two website was edited late in September, it read "...She currently serves as an assistant administrator and guidance counselor at the Fairfield County School District Career and Technology Center..."

Doesn't the title of "assistant administrator" imply that she is in a higher position than "just" a teacher?

Fairfield County School District (FCSD) clarified her previous position, and it appears differently to me. In response to a FOIA request, the FCSD wrote that 

"Effective August 1, 2021, Dr. Holmes retired from the position of School Counselor/Lead Teacher, a position designated as part of the administrative team, and in which she assumed administrative responsibilities and provided administrative governance in the Director's absence at Fairfield County School District Career and Technology Center."

What FCSD says is the Holmes was a school counselor and a teacher. They don't identify her as an Assistant Administrator. I wrote back about just that, and FCSD stands on its original reply.

The position of "school counselor/lead teacher" was part of the administrative team, but just a part. They say she "assumed administrative responsibilities", whatever that means. It does not say that she was assigned administrative responsibilities. 

FCSD says that Holmes "provided administrative governance "in the Director's absence ..." Did FCSD have a Director, and wouldn't it have been his job to run the Center? How often was he absent that she had to fill in, if any decisions in his absence were necessary?

Why is this important to me?

Because Holmes lied when she went to the Richland County Sheriff's Department in March 2019 and complained that I had been harassing her. The report filed by the deputy who interviewed her was full of false statements. Why did the deputy write down those false statements? Because that's what she told him. That's why her complaint went nowhere. It was quickly determined that no crime had occurred.

The deputy should have had her write out her complaint, and he should have attached it to his report. The deputy should have filed all those emails that she said I had sent her. He didn't, because she wasn't asked to write one out. 

So I want her to be truthful. Not say "her truth", but provide "the truth". She was a School Counselor/Lead Teacher at RCSD. That's it.

Was there something else that prompted to "retire" on short notice just before the start of the new school year?

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