Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What is a School Board Commissioner (in Richland 2)?

Recently I asked Richland 2 to update the biographical profile of trustee-elect Teresa Holmes, who is being allowed to serve as board chair, because she was no longer employed by the Fairfield County School District. She was also identified as a "widower" which, I was pretty sure, was not correct.

Today I happened to read her Facebook page, and I see that she still describes herself as "Assistant Administrator /Guidance at Fairfield County School District", which isn't correct.

According to Fairfield County School District she was a "School Counselor/Lead Teacher" with some administrative responsibilities if the CTC Director was absent. She separated from FCSD on August 1, 2021. Shouldn't she change her Facebook page to reflect that as her former employment?

Separately, Holmes lists "Assistant Administrator/Guidance/Adjunct Professor at Guidanc [sic] Counselor/Adjunct Professor" (whatever that is supposed to mean).

I wonder where "Guidanc [sic] Counselor/Adjunct Professor is located. Is there any organization by that name?

I doubt that Facebook has a Fact Checker on titles like that.

And, on the very top line, she identifies herself as a School Board "Commissioner". Holmes was elected to the Richland 2 School Board on November 6, 2018, and she should know by now that Richland 2 does not have school board commissioners. Why would she ever use that title? Richland 2 has trustees. Did she think she was elected to the Richland 1 Board, where they do have commissioners?

What are your thoughts? Should people elected to public office kept their profiles and public information up-to-date and correct? Comments below, please.

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