Thursday, May 12, 2022

Board Expenses through 4/30/2022

Thanks to FOIA, here's the information that the superintendent didn't want you to know. If fact, he didn't even want one trustee to know what the others were spending.

In the School Year 2021-2022 each trustee is allocated $7,000 for travel, training and some other listed expenses.

How much has each spent?

Agostini                   $2,516.43 (San Diego conference to be added)

Caution-Parker        $2,117.97

Holmes                   $9,726.37   OVER $2,726.37

Manning                 $7,172.60    OVER $172.60

McFadden              $6,606.76

McKie                    $7,444.83   OVER $444.83

Scott                       $9,938.15   OVER $2,938.15

TOTAL                 $45,523.11

Who recalls hearing Supt. Davis say that the trustees, as a whole, had exceeded the total amount allocated for training and travel? Wouldn't that be $49,000? $7000 x 7? Not true, was it?

In fact, $49,000 is listed as Total Annual Board Travel Allocated to Board Members

$49,000 - $45,523.11 = $3,476.89 Remaining as of 4/30/2022

Trustee McFadden has $393.24 remaining, as of April 30. She certainly could have transferred to $150.00 to Trustee Scott. Why wouldn't the superintendent allow that? 

The worksheet is very clear about showing the total spent and the remaining amount. The question is, why didn't District controls kick in to prevent over-reimbursement?

The Board has never approved an increase to the total allocated for travel, training, etc. And it should not. The District should recover monies overpaid to trustees.

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