Friday, July 22, 2022

Why the Rush to Retain Wyche Law Firm?

Remember the rush by the (majority of the) board to retain The Wyche Law Firm ("Wyche")?

The ink was hardly dry on the Governor's directive to the State Inspector General to investigate Richland Two and the superintendent and the board had to rush to line up its mouthpiece. Before they even knew (for sure) what the I.G. would be investigating.

Is that like getting your DUI lawyer lined up and standing by his telephone, before you head out to Saturday's night's drinking party?

And remember how Teresa would not allow other board members to ask questions about the deal with Wyche? Like,

How much was Wyche going to charge?

Whom would Wyche represent? (the board or the district? or both?)

Why some of the trustees received the information about the deal only 30 minutes before they were expected to discuss it and then vote on it?

Why there wasn't competitive bidding?

What the estimated (total) cost is for Wyche?

Wyche's hourly rate is $375.00, according to the District's response to my FOIA request.

The lead attorney on the representation is Wade Kolb, III.

There was absolutely confidential about that! Yes, it had been discussed in the executive session, but that did not mean it could not be discussed in public session. Why shouldn't The Public know?

It is crystal clear to The Public who was responsible for the chaos and the antics in the last school year (2021-2022). Teresa Holmes tried to put the blame on Trustees Agostini, Scott and McFadden. The Public knows the truth.

It is that chaos that drew the attention of the legislature and the Governor to Richland Two.

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