Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Did you forget about this?


Remember that $468,400,000 bond issue way back in 2018 (four years ago) when you approved the End of the Rainbow for Richland 2?

I don't remember how much voters approved for the Performing Arts Center, to be built adjacent to the Taj Mahal (R2i2) on Fashion Drive, but here it comes.

Does this District, with 60% of the students living below the Poverty Line and enjoying the free meals and reduced-price meals, really need a Performing Arts Center?

The District with almost 50% of students getting an F on U.S. History tests... 

It's probably too late to halt or delay that project. Is this an example of uninformed voters just saying "Yes" to whatever was put in front of them? 64.9% of the voters approved the PAC, depending on whether it was approved in Question One or Question Two on the ballot.

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