Friday, September 16, 2022

Teresa Holmes' real colors

 Here are "words of wisdom" from Teresa Holmes, which she posted on Facebook.

Here's where you get a chance to see the person she really is. 

Great work going on? Teresa is responsible for the chaos on the board, by leading The Core Four away from respectful dialogue, cooperation, collaboration. With Teresa, it was "My way or the highway."

So James Manning, Cheryl Caution-Parker, and Amelia McKie are taking the highway. By exiting now, they avoid the embarrassment of possible removal by the Governor, when the State Inspector General submits his findings.

No one is saying "the whole board" needs to go. Four DO need to go, and three decided to go. Holmes is going to stick around until November 8. Help her come in #12 out of twelve candidates. Just think, the worst she can do is come in No. 12.

We don't get to "vote out" Manning, Caution-Parker, and McKie. They are running out on their own, leaving Teresa to face the music alone.

We want you off the board, Teresa, because you were the Chaos Leader. 

All your good work? Seriously? Why did you disrespect Lashonda McFadden from almost her first day on the board?

"If" you return in November, you'll be on the short end of votes that will be 6-1. The Six will not treat you the way you treated Trustees Agostini, Scott, and McFadden. But you'll find some way to the oppressed and the victim. It's in your blood.

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