Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Pamela Davis snubs five Board members

 Pam Davis ignores Dr. Scott's extended hand

At last night's school board meeting the District's nationally-certified teachers were recognized. All were respectful toward the board members EXCEPT ONE.

Trustees were lined up to greet those being recognized and to shake hands with each teacher.

When Pamela Davis' name was called, she walked right past Trustees Trapp, McFadden, Washington, Scott, and Nash without any acknowledgement and did not shake hands with them.

Davis shook hands only with Interim Supt. Gregory and Trustee Porter.

Chair Agostini was absent from the meeting but attended by telephone. Would Davis have shaken hands with her? (Will the sun come up in the west tomorrow morning?)

It's too bad that Mrs. Agostini couldn't find her way through the telephone connection to trip Davis. I thought about boo-ing or hissing. Maybe I should have stood up and shouted, "YOU MISSED FOUR TRUSTEES!" After all, she had shouted at me a year ago.

You can see this clearly on the livestream recording. Move the timer to 2:56:18, so you can see this disgraceful act of disrespect.

Davis should be disciplined by the District for conduct unbecoming a teacher. I hope the superintendent or an employee will file a complaint against her.

I'll take the liberty of apologizing to the snubbed trustees on behalf of the public in Richland 2. 

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