Thursday, March 16, 2023

Violation of Board Policy GBEB - Staff Conduct

Did a violation of Board Policy GBEB - Staff Conduct occur during the March 14, 2023 board meeting?

Read this Board Policy. Start at the District's website, click on EXPLORE; click on School Board; click on BOARD POLICIES; CLICK ON "G - PERSONNEL"; click on "Policy GBEB - Staff Conduct.

The District's website doesn't permit copy-and-paste. So look for these words:

- setting a good example.

- set the kind of example (to students)

- conduct ... attitude ...professionalism

- mutual respect 

- treat each other with respect

Now go to the recording of the 3/14/2023 school board meeting at and fast-forward to 2:56:18

That's where you will see long-time (28+ years) Blythewood High School teacher, Pamela Davis, snub five board members during the ceremony to recognize Certified Teachers.

Should the District investigate these violations?

Did the same teacher violate Policy GBEB on January 25, 2022?

- will not use profanity

- lying or providing false information

- disrupting the educational environment

- using obscene language

A complaint about that teacher's conduct was made and, to my knowledge, it was never investigated or acted upon. 

The State Inspector General's Report on Richland 2 referred to problems with the process of handling complaints. I can certainly agree with that.

I made numerous other complaints, which were ignored by the District and the Board (the board that existed at that time). 

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