Saturday, April 24, 2021

CRT is not "cathode ray tube"

Where does Richland 2 School District stand on CRT - Critical Race Theory?

I emailed the Board today (doggone it; I forgot to include the superintendent) to urge their reading of the following article. They won't reply to me (they never do) but, if you (parent, employer, taxpayer) write to them, they might. A couple of the board members might read the article.

Read this article titled "Parents Organize to Push Back Against Critical Race Theory"

You've heard all the buzzwords: equity, inclusion, oppression, culturally-responsive, systemic racism, injustice, over-discipline of black students, cohort, etc.

The District may still be buying Gloria Boutte's program, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. Now there's a $100 word that ups the price-tag, no doubt.

The District recently responded to my FOIA Request for information about The 1619 Project. The District said it has no "documentation" that was responsive to my request. It took a FOIA Request to pry even that response out of them, after they disregarded a specific request at an October board meeting.

So I still don't know how many teachers are talking about The 1619 Project in a way that causes students to think that America was founded in 1619 due to slavery. 

If your child comes away from an online or in-person class with that nonsense, post a comment below and let your board members and the superintendent know how you feel.

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