Saturday, April 24, 2021

More on CRT

Okay, so by now you probably know that CRT is short for Critical Race Theory?

Ever hear of Coach David Flynn?

Any idea where Dedham, Mass. is?  (15 mi. SW of Boston)

Does this headline get your attention?

Federal Court Hearing in Civil Lawsuit Challenging Firing of High School Coach for Objecting To BLM/Critical Race Theory

Check out this case, behind which is Judicial Watch. Coach Flynn, father of a daughter in seventh grade, got tossed from his coaching gig because he objected to subject matter in his daughter's ancient history class.

Federal Court hearing - Monday, April 26, 2021 3:15PM EDT

If you hurry, you might even be able to register to attend the court hearing online. See the link in the article.

If you're mad that that school district went after the parent, think what could be happening to the student's grade for that class.

Do you withhold criticism of Richland 2 policies out of fear of retaliation or retribution against yourself or one or more of your children?

If so, please comment below. If you don't want your name to appear, send me an email ( and I'll publish your comment without your name or email address. Include your phone number, so that I can verify the comment. Your privacy is guaranteed.

By the way, I'm still laughing about the day in Illinois that the Sheriff thought he could scare me into revealing the names of deputies who were leaking information to me. Under subpoena I appeared in Federal Court on my pro se Motion to Quash his subpoena. And the judge granted my Motion! He told the sheriff's attorney that she was "just on a fishing expedition" (his words).

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