Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Explosive Ending to 10/13/21 board meeting

You do not want to miss the end of the October 12th board meeting. Go to and start at 2:26:45 with Trustee Agostini's comments. She thanked those attending and then thanked me. With that Holmes slammed down the gavel. Mrs. Agostini did not react to the rude interruption and finished her brief remarks.

Without finger-pointing, then Mrs. McFadden spoke about consideration and being polite. 

At 2:29:45 Trustee Scott began speaking. She too referred to those who had spoken last night. With some she agreed; with some, she did not. But she listened to all. She spoke about when one person has a personal vendetta with someone, and you don't allow them to share (as in last night's meeting). That certainly sounded like she was speaking about Holmes' personal vendetta against me. Trustee Scott said she is disappointed when they (the trustees) don't do the right thing.

Then Trustee Scott made a suggestion that the board chair attend Robert's Rules of Order ethical classes (at this point Holmes butted in and spoke over Trustee Scott, calling her out-of-order). Holmes said, "Thank yuo for a campaign speech." Holmes continued to argue and talk over Trustee Scott, even saying that she wasn't worried about 2022 (the end of her term). 

You'll have to see this, to believe it. What in the world is wrong with Holmes? She was totally off-kilter to interrupt another board member, criticize her, lecture her, and try to shut her down. Trustee Scott had the floor. Holmes needed to suck it up and listen. Maybe even take Trustee Scott's comments to heart. Assuming that heart isn't shriveled up and packed away in dry ice. 

Trustee Scott made a motion that the Chair step down until she received that training. Holmes, still arguing, declared the motion out of order. Mrs.Agostini seconded the motion. Holmes continued to declare the motion out of order. Holmes then directed Caution-Parker to make her board comments. Mrs. Scott still had the floor; she had not finished her comments, and there was a motion on the floor. 

Caution-Parker launched her attack into "the number of people who come up here with these comments." When Mrs. Scott said there was a motion still on the table, Caution-Parker turned toward her and said, "Tough!" Caution-Parkers' (and Holmes') mantra is, "The children..." They forget they are business people in charge of a multi-million dollar business. The administration will take care of the children. The board's job is to run the business. Caution-Parker said she spent 40 years in Richland 2. I have wondered before and wonder again: Does Caution-Parker have 40 years of experience OR one year of experience 40 times?

At that point Libby Roof approached the superintendent and Holmes. Then Holmes claimed the floor and said she was going to make her comments - she interrupted both Scott and Caution-Parker without apology to either. 

Holmes ran out her diatribe about adults using the board for their own personal, political agenda. WHERE DID SHE GET THAT? Oh, wait; I've heard her say those words about me, too! Me? The one and only time I ran for any office was in 2010.

Holmes told Trustee Scott that she didn't have the right to remove her (Holmes) from any position on the board. Then she said, "When you were in your orange suit, we could have mde that motion against you, but we didn't."

Actually, Holmes was wrong on the first point, and she was wrong on the second. The trustees CAN remove Holmes from the position of Chair. The trustees CANNOT remove a person accused of a minor offense. Plus that was really a low blow.

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