Friday, November 12, 2021

Oh, say; can you hear?

Do you attend Richland 2 board meetings in-person? Can you hear all of what is said?

If you cannot hear all of what is said by board members, the superintendent or staff who answer questions from the board, will you please indicate to the board that you cannot hear?

Board members and the audience are supposed to be able to hear everything. There should be no side conversations during the meeting, just like board members are not supposed to be surfing the internet, playing Solitaire, or sending or receiving text messages or email. 

A couple of years ago I was offered a hearing assistance device. But those devices must have "grown legs" during the pandemic, because now they are nowhere to be found.

A good solution would be for the sound engineer to turn up the volume in the room. Volume on the livestream broadcast and recording is substantially better.

Or find the devices and post a sign at the room entrance that such devices are available; after they have been found. Or purchased again.

If you can't hear everything, post a comment below and send an email to Tony Kenion at

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