Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Should Richland 2 be sued?

If the Richland 2 School District continues to delay publishing the video of last night's school board meeting or deletes the portion of the meeting when the father informed the board of the searching of his elementary school child, should the District be sued.

If you think it should and if you will support such a lawsuit, please email your expression of interest to  There will be no publication of your name or email address here. I'll collect the names and email addresses and keep you posted (by bcc:) of the level of interest. 

The delay by the District in publishing the videorecording on is preposterous and creates added furor to this mess. The effort to suppress information is not what one expects of a supposedly-responsible board of trustees or superintendent.

Most will accept their natural reluctance to make any public statement. Anything that is said officially will be vetted by their lawyers, whether internal or external. 

The father spoke in public. The District is 100% wrong to suppress his statements.

Be sure to read today's article in The Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County. Listen to the audio of the father speaking to the Board on November 16, 2021 (yesterday). 

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