Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Why did Holmes shift order of speakers?

Why did Teresa Holmes shift the order of speakers last night?

When the speakers' list opened for sign-up at 5:30PM, I was #9 to sign. Signatures are in ink, so there is no question about who signed when.

As I listened to the first eight speakers, I prepared to hear my name called and step forward to the microphone. However, Teresa called Larry Smalls as the ninth speaker. Larry is great speaker and also entertaining, too. Be sure to watch the Public Participation, when Richland 2 gets around to posting it on

Teresa has trouble with names. For some reason she can't pronounce Gary Ginn's name. Last night it sounded by "Gwinn".

Julie Weaver is often introduced as "Julia". Does Holmes need glasses, or does she have a reading disorder? Should someone coach her about pronunciation of names?

Had Public Participation ended without my being called to speak, I was prepared to assert my privilege to speak, since I had been #9 to sign up. Maybe she was hoping I'd leave, instead of waiting...

I ran out of time, because I stopped speaking at one point when I noticed that both McKie and Caution-Parker had their heads down and were busy writing. I'm pretty sure they weren't taking notes on what I was say. So I stopped and waited for their attention. The silence in the room didn't cause either of them to look up.

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