Thursday, May 25, 2023

Blistering Report coming from "Mac & Jake"

At the school board meeting on May 23, the consultant from the superintendent-search firm of McPherson & Jacobson LLC in Omaha informed the board that a lengthy report is being compiled for the District that is not entirely complimentary of the board. The report summarizes stakeholder feedback that was gathered in surveys.

The consultant tried to soften the punch that the board will feel when they read the report. Watch her in action here.

The board may have received its copy today or will receive it tomorrow. The report, expected to be in the 150-page range, will be published on the District's website on Tuesday (May 30). Well, we'll see about that.

The consultant mentioned that issues of conflict and dysfunction exist on the board. No kidding!

She mentioned other areas for improvement: That the board should govern, not manage. There is a lack of trust among board members. Low morale of staff. 

The poor audio connection with the second consultant, who was apparently in his Omaha office, occurred when a make-do arrangement for audio varied from the steps that Richland 2 had set up. When the audio didn't make it from Omaha on the Zoom call, a cell phone connection was established and the Richland 2 sound technician had to hold the cell phone to a microphone, contributing to the poor audio and an echo. This was not the fault of Richland 2. 

Did Monica Scott really say a representative from "Mac & Jake Law Firm" was there to present information? I replayed her introduction 4-5 times, and that is how it sounded to me. If you hear it differently, please let me know what you think she said.

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