Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Permanent Expulsion - only for Murder?

At tonight's School Board Meeting (5/23/2023) Item 8.3 on the agenda was Student Permanent Expulsion. The student, of course, was not identified.

After the Motion and Second. Trustee Monica Scott launched into how anyone can make a mistake. She said, basically, that no student should be permanently expelled - except maybe for Murder. Her defense of the student starts here: At 1:59:30 on   https://livestream.com/richland2/events/10860996/videos/236321838

You know, everyone makes mistakes. And the board shouldn't sit there in Judgment.

Well, that's was a board does. It makes decisions. She has a teaching and an administrative background. Her defense of students' making mistakes is the reason that crime continues on school campuses. It's why teachers get assaulted, and students get beaten up and bullied.

Because students have learned that there aren't any REAL consequences. 

If Monica doesn't want to "sit in judgment" when a student commits a serious crime on campus, then she ought to resign from the board! Tomorrow!

I started to stand and leave several times, while she was speaking. Finally I did. I wish others had stood and walked out while she was speaking. 

I'll take a wild guess that it was the Ridge View High School stabber who was being expelled tonight. But I don't know. It could have been one of the kids who took a pistol to school. 

I'm tired of hearing about illegal aliens who have been deported many times and return to the U.S. and commit heinous crimes. I'm tired of reading about inmates of prisons and jails being released, only to then murder someone. 

Every principal could write a list of kids in his school who have committed serious offenses and still in school. 

It's too bad the District will not identify the student who was permanently expelled last night. 

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