Monday, May 1, 2023

Board makes Statement about new search firm

I believe the Richland 2 school board was shocked to learn that Baron Davis is a consultant with the superintendent-search firm that the board selected.

McPherson & Jacobson LLC, of Omaha, Nebraska, was selected last Tuesday (April 25) at the Special-Called Board Meeting.

Trustee McFadden made a statement at the end of tonight's Special-Called Board Meeting that the board will NOT be working with any South Carolina consultant of the search firm.

When the selection of that firm was announced in local media today, I examined its website and was horrified to see Baron Davis listed as its S.C. consultant. I wondered why Richland 2 would ever select that firm.

When did Baron contract with McPherson & Jacobson?

Maybe he called them yesterday and told them he'd like to hook up with them. And today? VoilĂ ! He's on board and some speedy I.T. person pasted his name up on their website?

If you believe that, call me. I'll still got that bridge in New York I'd love to sell you.

It takes a few days to put together a deal like that. A business ought to be curious why an applicant or potential contractor left his last position. Did he leave on good terms? Is he eligible for re-hire?

A young HR person in Denver told me in 1975 that the one question he would ask a former employer was, "Was there a great sigh of relief when that person left your organization?"

What would the answer be at Richland 2?

Should McPherson & Jacobson have informed the Richland 2 board that it was in negotiations with Davis?  Of course they should have! It might have cost them the Richland 2 deal. And it might not have.

But, in my book, McPherson & Jacobson gets low marks for integrity. In fact, the mark is so low that there won't be any mark at all!

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